Mahon Falls – An Easy, Breezy Walk in the Comeraghs

The Comeragh Mountains in Waterford provide the perfect backdrop for adventure. Whether you want something quick and easy or would like to spend the day exploring, there is something to suit everyone in this magnificent glaciated mountain range. If you don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Mahon Falls.  The scenery approaching Mahon Falls is spectacular and reminds me of the rugged and wild landscape of Connemara. Or perhaps it was the abundance of sheep wandering the roads and surrounds that did it. Either way, it’s pretty breathtaking. Mahon Falls and Surrounds Mahon Falls is an 80 metre waterfall, formed by the River Mahon as it cascades from the Comeragh Plateau over the sandstone cliffs and rocks below.  As you’d expect, the Falls are most impressive after heavy rain. … Continue reading Mahon Falls – An Easy, Breezy Walk in the Comeraghs