Walks – Mount Errigal, Donegal

Climbing Mount Errigal is like fast forwarding through a relationship! The start is slow and you’re not always sure if you did the right thing getting yourself into it but you stick with it for a while, in the hope that it’s heading in the right direction. Once you get past that initial awkward (and very boggy!) stage the future is looking brighter. You’re into it now, you’ve invested and you’re excited to see what lies ahead. There are a few steep and tough humps to get over along the way, like meeting the parents or finding out your partner loves to pop your bacne but you’ve lasted the distance and the big day (or summit) is now in sight.
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ON TOUR – Donegal

With names like Murder Hole Beach, Poison Glen and Bad Eddie’s Shipwreck, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a visit to Donegal is a death-defying experience! Well, we didn’t make it to check out Bad Eddie’s wreck but can testify that Murder Hole Beach and the Poison Glen are two of the most serene and beautiful places you can visit.Read More