José looking happy about going to check out the gun park on Spike Island

A Tour of Spike Island – What to Expect When Visiting

I’d never even heard of Spike Island two years ago, which can probably be forgiven as it is a fairly recent tourist attraction. However, once I did hear about it, it quickly became clear that this little island was something special.

Spike Island or Fortress Spike Island has quickly become a must-do experience for tourists from near and far and is sometimes referred to as “Ireland’s Alcatraz”. In the few short years it has been open to the public, it has won a number of awards including Europe’s leading tourist attraction 2017 at the World Travel Awards.Read More

Not just a load of old Blarney!

When we visited Cork with some friends earlier this year, I almost brushed off the suggestion of a visit to Blarney Castle as I had it in my head that it was a total tourist trap. I can’t even tell you where that opinion came from as I have never visited or heard that from anyone else who had visited. How our minds can play wicked games on us!Read More

Garinish Island, Glengarriff

Our trip to Garinish Island was totally unplanned.  It’s what I love about traveling around without a strict itinerary.  You can can stumble upon some unexpected gems by chance and they often turn out to be highlights of your trip. We’d been traveling with some friends and had spent two full-on days driving around the Dingle Peninsula and then the Ring of Kerry. We planned to just spend the night in Glengarriff and do the Ring of Beara the following day.Read More