A couple walking their dogs along the tree-lined avenue leading to Emo Court

A Visit to Emo Court and Gardens

Located just a couple of kilometres from the village of Emo in County Laois, Emo Court is a magnificent neo-classical mansion that is well worth a visit.  Take a tour through the house to appreciate the stunning interiors and hear about its history, or you can simply enjoy the beautiful grounds surrounding the house, which are free to explore all year round. 

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Snow Day in the Slieve Bloom Mountains

Yesterday I drove to the Slieve Bloom Mountains in search of snow. There has been a lot of snow this winter. By Irish standards I mean! Yet somehow I’ve managed to miss it all. We had a decent snowfall in our home town back in December but I was away in Dublin for the week and couldn’t help but be a little envious of all the lovely photos appearing online. Of course by the time I got back there was no trace of it. Since then there has been the odd sprinkling but nothing was sticking. There were a few other instances of wrong time, wrong place and I figured since it’s February now, I’d probably missed the chance.

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